I’m quitting #100DaysOfCode, here’s why.

Yes, you read it right. I’m quitting #100DaysOfCode.


I completed about a week or so of my regimen that I had set out to do.

The problem was that I just wasn’t that interested in it. Not because I don’t like development, I definitely do.

I work full time in a IT support role that requires me to write code almost daily.

I’d get done at the end of the day from work and not want to read / write another bit of code for my personal projects. Which is a bit of a problem if I want to complete #100DaysOfCode.

What’s next?


I’ve taken photos for quite some time and with the encouragement of my family and friends, I’m ready to take the leap into making it a side-hustle that generates income, rather than just a hobby.

I’m going to still try and do the #100DaysofX with photography. In order to get better at photography, I need to take photos everyday. It doesn’t matter if I’m taking photos with my iPhone or with my DSLR. So here’s to starting #100DaysOfPhotography.


Wanna-be Pizzaiolo. Productivity Nerd. @todoist Enlightened. Photographer. Auto enthusiast. Summoner-of-gifs. #ROC

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