Derek Palmer


  • Mike And Lauren

    Mike And Lauren

    Hi there, we are Mike and Lauren! We like to travel, build things, homestead, and make videos. We plan to retire at 30. Watch us at

  • Susan Bell

    Susan Bell

    Inspirational writer, and business coach. Starting each day with a handful of sunshine & willing to share it with you.

  • Ritkasliwal


    Iam a blogger and I chose this path because I have passion to write for relevant. Iam Preety sure whatever I wanna convey, that I can convey from my blog!

  • Nathan Reimer

    Nathan Reimer

    Husband, father, foodie, blogger, coffee, bacon, beer, futebol, and web geek. Work at Cornell by day and web entrepreneur by night.

  • Kristin Ellis

    Kristin Ellis

    biologist + robot whisperer + deeply conflicted human

  • Eric James

    Eric James

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