Be grateful, embrace the struggle.

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I’ve felt like I had a rough past few weeks. I’ve felt burnt out, stressed out, overwhelmed, sad, and even depressed.

Until this morning.

I spent some extra time in bed, instead of getting up at 6 am to make a cup of coffee and get to work in my office, I decided to lay there for an hour or so. No phone was in my hands, just listening to the sounds of birds chirping, and watching our cats curl up and stretch in the covers on our bed.

I work remotely, which allows me to lay in bed until minutes before getting around in 15–20 minutes to go into my office to start the workday, something I take for granted.

I laid there for an hour or so just thinking about why I was feeling the way I have been for the last few weeks.

I was looking up.

I was too worried about people that have it better off than me, when I should be focusing on how good I actually have it.

I’ve found that thinking about my situation and being grateful for the things I have in my life, and the opportunities that I have really helps bring me back to feeling at peace, happy, and level headed.

It’s about stopping to take a moment to forget about what’s above you in terms of wealth, fame, popularity, anything that you might compare yourself to.

Think about how fortunate you are to be where you are. I can guarantee that someone out there has it worse off than you, and if given the chance, they’d love to be in your shoes.

So what’s next?

I think this is something that if I don’t schedule or remind myself to do, I won’t complete it. I’ve added a weekly reminder in my task manager (Todoist) to remind me to practice gratitude at least once a week.


Be grateful for where you are, and what you have right now. Stop comparing yourself to people that are “above” of you.

Embrace the struggles that got you here, and the struggles that you will encounter in the future.

Take time out of your day to reflect and practice gratitude.

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